Compound feed


As different as the various mixes and variations may be, in principle the production of compound feed always follows the same principle: First, the raw materials stored are weighed and dosed. After milling with hammer mills, they are mixed following different recipes and often blended with odour-intensive substances, such as fats. The consequence: odour emissions that can harm the environment are released. In addition, milling of fine, dry ingredients produces dust. Additional dust emissions are released through pelletizing. It’s no wonder that regulations regarding dust and odour emissions have intensified over time: Production volumes increase and residential areas are spreading closer and closer to production sites. To meet the strict limits in production, we put dust and odour emissions in their place: With our COPLAS clean technology, we offer a modular system for the treatment of the exhaust air of multiple production lines – individually or together. For the sustainable production of compound feed, we do not use water or chemicals and no waste products of any kind are accrued.


Your requirements

  • Optimized system design
  • Simple maintenance and operation
  • Maximum system availability
  • High operational reliability and low operating costs
  • Compliance with European laws, official and technical guidelines, stipulations and norms
  • High dust and odour reduction of more than 95% through innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Occupational safety
  • Takes up little space

Our services

  • Consultation and assessments
  • Exhaust air cleaning and automation
  • Standardized and individual filter systems
    Bag filters, hose filters, cartridge filters, Venturi and absorption scrubbers, twist separators und cyclones
  • Dedusting of conveying systems, dryers, production and packing machines
  • Certified solutions in line with ATEX and pressure equipment guidelines
  • Process engineering components to increase system reliability
  • Turnkey system installation
  • On-site Customizing with our mobile COPLAS clean unit – for customer-specific system design for optimal odour reduction
  • On-site pilot tests as part of the creation of BImSchG applications
  • Assistance with official control measurements



Compound feed // Germany

Gutter dedusting for a grain production plant

Fabric filter JMT bag filter

  • Air volume: 100.000 m³/h
  • Filter area: 603 m²
  • Dust discharge: screw in the filter hopper and rotary valve
  • Radial fan: 132 kW - frequency converter: 132 kW
  • Silencer: 100.000 m³/h
  • Maintenance platform
  • Filter breakthrough monitoring
  • Gutter suction wall
  • Dedusting pipeline
  • Explosion decoupling device
  • Explosion relief device
  • Automation


  • Residual dust content < 10 mg/m³
  • Filter design according to ATEX directive
  • Differential pressure controlled filter cleaning

Compound feed // Germany

Process dedusting for a feed mill

Fabric filter JMS hose filter

  • Air volume: various
  • Filter area: various
  • Dust discharge: rotary valve
  • Radial fan: various
  • Silencer: various
  • Dust discharge duct
  • Explosion decoupling device
  • Explosion relief device


  • Sorted aspiration
  • Filter design according to ATEX directive
  • Differential pressure controlled filter cleaning
  • Dust recirculation into the production process
  • Residual dust content < 10 mg/m³

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