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We visualize, monitor and control processes for flexible and efficient operation of your production facilities.



Our diverse process environments not only require high-quality system technology – they also need reliable automation. The processing of measurement signals, the control of actuators and robust and delicately working control circuits form the basis for high-quality process automation. Parameterized software modules with hierarchically structured and password-protected access levels are necessary for the flexible and safe operation of production systems. Self-explanatory graphic diagrams, intuitive operation and multilingual capabilities are core components of our HMI user interfaces.

Advantages for you

  • High operational reliability
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased protection from mechanical strain
  • Reproducibility of process situations
  • Remote access / remote maintenance for error analysis
  • Customized automation solutions
  • In-house control cabinet manufacturing

Our services

  • Data collection to implement best practice operating modes
  • Visualization of process data to assess process engineering processes
  • Interfaces for connect to the control room
  • Networking of individual systems
  • Development of individual automation concepts
  • Customer-specific hardware design
  • Use of operating systems for optimum human-machine communication
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