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Our diverse process environments not only require high-quality system technology – they also need reliable automation. The processing of measurement signals, the control of actuators and robust and delicately working control circuits form the basis for high-quality process automation. Parameterized software modules with hierarchically structured and password-protected access levels are necessary for the flexible and safe operation of production systems. Self-explanatory graphic diagrams, intuitive operation and multilingual capabilities are core components of our HMI user interfaces.

Advantages for you

  • High operational reliability
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased protection from mechanical strain
  • Reproducibility of process situations
  • Remote access / remote maintenance for error analysis
  • Customized automation solutions
  • In-house control cabinet manufacturing

Our services

  • Data collection to implement best practice operating modes
  • Visualization of process data to assess process engineering processes
  • Interfaces for connect to the control room
  • Networking of individual systems
  • Development of individual automation concepts
  • Customer-specific hardware design
  • Use of operating systems for optimum human-machine communication
  • Software solutions

    Tobacco Feeding Software

    Our Tobacco Feeding Software is a modular branch solution for the cigarette industry. As an important mediator between raw materials storage and production, production-related data is recorded in real time, material flows are checked and production processes are released. The information from our Blend Selector’s Connection Control System is processed via the following progressive modules, compared with production plans and displayed locally. The hand-shake process on the SCADA system is visualized with our supervisor system. Upon request, production data for processing in the Track & Trace system is saved and archived.

    Eco Mode

    Eco Mode is a manifestation of environmental and economical thinking. Eco Mode optimizes the power consumption of pneumatic conveyor systems. At any time, the power consumption of the compressor is kept to a minimum by exploiting the individual characteristics of the machine. This self-learning system continuously analyzes the individual characteristics of the process system. Eco Mode independently determines the suitable process parameters and set points to control the process. As a result the systems are operated with significantly lower energy consumption.


    In recent years, the Riedel SoftClean system has established itself as the benchmark for environmentally-friendly, cost-optimized and product life-prolonging cleaning systems for filter systems purified with compressed air. The optimized use of compressed air in connection with current process data such as air pressure, gas volumes and filter media aging leads to significantly reduced energy use, reduced emissions and increases operating times for the separators

  • Microprocessor controls

    Individual microprocessor controls are the heart of our high-end products SACU tobtronic®, BiVaCU, Indication on Spot and NetVac®. Using this without ultrafast controllers burdened with operating software makes our products perform the way only they can. The microprocessor hardware and programs are designed and tested by Riedel software engineers and are optimized in our technical center.

  • Data logging

    The basis of our varied analysis services is the continuous recording of up to eight process data flows in parallel in real time. The measuring equipment and the specialist software for recording and storing raw data and the subsequent evaluation using statistical rules are programmed and configured at Riedel and, if necessary, customized by our process engineers.

  • Visualization

    The key component of any automation is visualization. Our visualization features consist of a balanced mixture of direct visual signals such as LED light systems and graphic surfaces. The signals show important operating states unambiguously and language-independently. The graphic interface displays simplified P&ID’s with process data displays and operating elements with touch operation. Our software designers pay particular attention to simple and intuitive HMI. Only a user interface tailored to the user guarantees the necessary level of acceptance and therefore the expected operational reliability of the system as a whole.

  • Supported hardware and software

    The hardware components our team of hardware and software engineers uses include those available worldwide, e.g. from Siemens and Beckhoff. TIA, Step 7, TwinCat, WinCC and Zenon are merely a fraction of the software products that are recognized worldwide and that we use to create our process applications and visualizations. This offers the advantage of our customers being able to maintain the applications themselves, if necessary. Our microprocessor systems and Windows applications are programmed with C#, VB.Net, C and BASIC. Our own control cabinet manufacturing guarantees a high standard of quality. The combination of electrotechnical design, field cabling expertise and the software created and tested in-house allows us to implement our customers’ and process engineers’ specifications as closely as possible and to ensure that there are no malfunctions between the various interfaces on the individual systems.

  • Trainings

    Process engineering issues and how to work with our systems are transparently displayed directly on site in our training sessions. This means our employees’ customers not only learn how to operate our systems, but also about physical processes and their influence on how the overall system behaves. This knowledge allows the operator to find optimal parameter settings and to react as quickly as possible to the unexpected.

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