We test the applicability and efficiency of COPLAS clean for reducing process-specific odours.

On-site Customizing


Because customer satisfaction is important to us, we offer you a customer-specific solution through a system tailored to you. To achieve this, we carry out customization with our COPLAS clean mobile unit on site at your premises. First, we record all relevant operating data, official requirements and local conditions. The requirements for customization are minimal. We merely need access to outside air, an extraction point in the exhaust duct and a power connection.

COPLAS clean

Advantages for you

  • Check of applicability
  • Check of efficiency
  • Low financial risk
  • Optimized energy consumption
  • Official and robust results for the authorities for measurements with a laboratory

Procedure of our Customizing

  • Connection: Flexible aluminum hoses are connected to the exhaust air
  • Exhaust air: 100 m³/h exhaust air is extracted
  • Adjustment: Different power outputs to determine the necessary power output of a possible overall system
  • Samples: Taken before and after cold plasma treatment
  • Analysis: Unofficial results – performed in-house – or official results – olfactometry by a certified and independent olfactory laboratory is recommended


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