Sustainable and energy-smart cold plasma technology for air cleaning: eliminates odours just like nature, only faster.

COPLAS clean

Cold plasma technology for odour control

COPLAS clean is our cold plasma technology for air cleaning. Odours are eradicated without any chemicals, water or waste. Our patented plasma reactors produce reactive oxygen and OH radicals, which are then injected into the exhaust air. The ingenious result is that odour molecules are oxidised in just milliseconds by non-thermal plasma technology – without any direct contact with your systems.

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  • Maximum odour reduction – rapid oxidation through radical reactivity
  • Sustainability – odour elimination without water, chemicals or waste
  • Low maintenance – no system contamination thanks to the injection principle
  • Modular design – flexible and easy to install
  • Energy efficiency – low operating costs and flexible plasma performance to suit even fluctuating process conditions


  • Stand-alone system with integrated control cabinet
  • Space-saving
  • No pressure drop in the exhaust duct
  • Backflow protection through automatic back stream flaps
  • Start-stop system – no start-up time
  • Plasma power adjustment with 1% incremental control
  • Patented plasma reactors with Venturi effect for maximum radical yield

Operating Principle


  • Tire / Rubber

    Riedel Filtertechnik offers a wide range of standard and individual solutions for process exhaust in tire production – from dust extraction to odour emission reduction. Our specially designed dust extraction systems keep emissions well below the limit values of 10 mg/m³. That typical smell of rubber is eliminated by our COPLAS clean cold plasma air cleaner system in an energy-efficient and reliable way. So, tire production can become more sustainable than with conventional technologies.

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  • Tobacco

    We have been an innovative partner to the tobacco industry for over 50 years. We are established worldwide as a system supplier of exhaust air purification and industrial odour reduction systems in the manufacturing of cigarettes. Our pneumatic transport systems, central vacuum cleaning systems and machine cleaning systems are designed to achieve our main goals: environmental protection, energy efficiency and increased yield in the tobacco industry. We continue to innovate in the primary and secondary sectors with effective and patented technologies.

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  • Food

    Cereals, oil or milk powder – food production is characterised by the variety of food products alone. Countless process steps including extrusion, drying, cooling or product packaging are completed for their production. As a result, dust or strong-smelling odour emissions are inevitably released into the environment and are subject to strict limits. We help our customers to comply with these emission limits by offering a wide range of products – from dust removal to industrial odour control systems.

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  • Pet food

    Pet food production involves numerous process steps – extrusion, drying, cooling, machine extraction or even wet food cooking. During the processing of wet and dry pet food, dusts and odorous substances are released into the exhaust air, which can pollute the environment. Riedel Filtertechnik offers a wide product portfolio with individual solutions for pet food production. We cover everything from dust extraction and dedusting of conveyors, extruders and dryers to the reduction of odour emissions.

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  • Compound feed

    In compound feed production, odour-intensive substances are often added for specific recipes. As a consequence, odour emissions are produced that can pollute the environment. Grinding fine, dry ingredients and pelleting also produces dust emissions, which can be controlled using our filter systems. Our COPLAS clean cold plasma technology for air cleaning reduces any odours sustainably without any chemicals or waste products.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

  • COPLAS clean Case Studies
    • Pet food manufacturer in Austria
    • Tire manufacturer in Germany
    • Fish meal manufacturer in Germany
  • Treatment of exhaust air from production processes
  • Odour reduction via cold plasma technology


White Paper

White Paper

  • White Paper on odour emissions in the pet food industry
  • Odour sources in the production process
  • Comparison of various technologies
  • Process specific customization of cold plasma technology

Tire // Germany

Odour reduction of exhaust air from mixing and batch-off processes in the tire industry by injection of plasma-enriched air through COPLAS clean technology to meet regulatory limits

COPLAS clean system for the treatment of exhaust air with an odor concentration of 1,000 OU/m³

  • Air volume: up to 220,000 m³/h
  • Injection fan for fresh air supply: up to 6,500 m³/h
  • Bag filter as pre-filter for separation of smallest fresh air particles
  • HMI for user-friendly operation
  • Optional remote maintenance via LTE
  • Backflow protection of exhaust air
  • Weather protection for outdoor installation at sites with reduced space


  • Effective large volume flow treatment without pressure loss
  • Installation upstream of the onsite axial fan for optimum distribution of the plasma-enriched air in a 2.2 m diameter pipeline
  • Odour reduction: < 500 OU/m³ measured according to DIN EN 13725

Pet food // Austria

Odour reduction in extruder, cooler and dryer exhaust air in the pet food industry. Plasma-enriched air is injected using COPLAS clean technology, resulting in fewer complaints from nearby neighbours and regulatory-limit compliance

Three COPLAS clean systems treat the exhaust air from several production lines, each with an odour concentration of 5,000 OU/m³

  • Total air volume: 48,000 m³/h
  • Injection fans for fresh air supply: up to 3,300 m³/h
  • Bag filter as pre-filter for extraction of smallest fresh air particles
  • HMI for user-friendly operation
  • Optional remote maintenance via LTE
  • Exhaust air backflow protection for our system
  • Special design and separate installation of several systems in historically grown production environment


  • Plasma power adjustment for different recipes
  • Prepared for future upgrades
  • Odour reduction: < 500 OU/m³ measured according to DIN EN 13725

Tobacco // Poland

Industrial odour control at a tobacco processing plant

COPLAS clean for flavor odour removal from primary exhaust air

  • COPLAS // Air volume: 14,000 m³/h
  • Air temperature: 20-40°C
  • Flavor odour removal

COPLAS clean for acetic acid odour removal from Primary exhaust air

  • COPLAS // Air volume: 10,000 m³/h
  • Air temperature: 20-40°C
  • Acetic acid odour removal


  • Designed for 24/7
  • Complete removal of relevant odours

Tire // Eastern Europe

Treatment of dust and odour emissions in the exhaust air of the mixing/batch-off and curing areas in a tire factory in Eastern Europe. Installation of filter systems for dust removal and COPLAS clean systems for odour treatment at various emission points

COPLAS clean technology for rubber odour control

  • Various COPLAS clean systems
  • Total air volume: up to 220,000 m³/h
  • Outdoor installation with weather protection enclosures

Fabric filters for dust removal in the mixing/batch-off area

  • Various JMT bag filters
  • Total air volume: 200,000 m³/h
  • Total filter surface: 2,300 m²

Fabric filters for dust removal in the curing area

  • Various JMP cartridge filters
  • Total air volume: 20,000 m³/h
  • Total filter surface: 720 m²


  • 24/7 operation
  • Optional remote maintenance via LTE
  • Odour treatment without pressure loss
  • ATEX-compliant filter design
  • Constructive explosion protection
  • Constructive fire protection
  • Differential pressure-controlled filter cleaning
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