Our solution for the online cutting and re-feed of winnower to improve your tobacco yield

Winnower recovery WinU+

Product recovery

Yield improvement is one of the key issues for cigarette manufacturers. Every cut filler contains winnowers that can not be processed in the cigarette and are usually disposed of or returned to the primary (PMD). Our WinU+ technology is designed to separate, cut and re-feed of the blend specific winnower online to the cigarette maker - fully automatically. The winnower structure and particle size is adjustable according to the respective tobacco.


  • Blend-specific winnower recovery
  • Automatic and online re-feed to cigarette maker
  • Higher tobacco yield
  • Easy and fast integration
  • Flexible location
  • Short payback period


  • Stand-alone unit on wheels next to cigarette maker
  • Compatible with all types of cigarette makers
  • Adjustable dosing unit to re-feed
  • SPS equipped with HMI


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    We have been an innovative partner to the tobacco industry for over 50 years. We are established worldwide as a system supplier of exhaust air purification and industrial odour reduction systems in the manufacturing of cigarettes. Our pneumatic transport systems, central vacuum cleaning systems and machine cleaning systems are designed to achieve our main goals: environmental protection, energy efficiency and increased yield in the tobacco industry. We continue to innovate in the primary and secondary sectors with effective and patented technologies.

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