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The central handling of bulk materials increases the efficiency and cleanliness of machines, systems and buildings.

Dust Collection System

Central dust and material handling

Central material handling is required in numerous production processes. After all, processing and loading require products or dust to be brought together at central locations. We have developed our DCS systems for this purpose. In suction operation, otherwise known as entrained flow conveyance, the bulk material is automatically taken from the collection points and then transported over long distances. At the receiving point, the product is sent for further processing. In addition, dust is loaded or compacted into containers such as big bags, cardboard boxes or truck containers. For short conveying distances, we use screw conveyors.

Advantages for you

  • Reduction in handling and cleaning costs
  • High transportability over long distances
  • Takes up less space
  • Flexible, project-specific solutions
  • Reduces transport volume through compacting


  • Blockage-free pneumatic DCS systems with rotary blowers
  • Screw conveyors without internal bearing
  • Low wear thanks to use of resistant materials and specific design
  • Use of containers per customer wishes



Tobacco // Russia

Centralized handling of bulk material and dust in a cigarette factory


  • DCS equipment for centralized dust collection
  • DCS plant for winnower
  • DCS plant for activated charcoal dust


  • DCS plant for activated charcoal dust according to ATEX and with constructive explosion protection
  • Use of rotary blowers for conveying distances up to 500 meters
  • Loading in C48 cartons with automatic vibrating and weighing

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