A central industrial dust collector enhances the efficiency and cleanliness of machines, systems and buildings.

Dust Collection System DCS

Central dust and material handling

In many production processes, centralised bulk material handling is required. This is because products or dusts have to be brought together at central positions for processing or loading. We have developed our industrial dust control collector for this purpose. When the dust collection system is in suction operation, otherwise known as entrained flow conveyance, the bulk material is automatically taken from the collection points and then transported over long distances. At the receiving point, the product is sent for further processing. In addition, dust is loaded or compacted into containers such as big bags, cardboard boxes or truck containers. For short conveying distances, we use screw conveyors.


  • Reduced handling and cleaning costs
  • High transportability over long distances
  • Requires less space
  • Flexible, project-specific solutions
  • Compaction reduces the transport volume


  • Blockage-free pneumatic dust collection systems with rotary blowers
  • Screw conveyors without internal bearings
  • Low wear and tear by using durable materials and specific design
  • Choice of containers to suit customer requirements


  • Tire / Rubber

    Riedel Filtertechnik offers a wide range of standard and individual solutions for process exhaust in tire production – from dust extraction to odour emission reduction. Our specially designed dust extraction systems keep emissions well below the limit values of 10 mg/m³. That typical smell of rubber is eliminated by our COPLAS clean cold plasma air cleaner system in an energy-efficient and reliable way. So, tire production can become more sustainable than with conventional technologies.

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  • Sugar

    We have been an established partner to the global sugar industry for dedusting and sugar conditioning for decades. Our in-depth process knowledge makes us more than just an equipment supplier for many of our customers. As a process solution partner, we develop individual concepts together with our customers – perfectly matched to the specific requirements and circumstances.

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  • Tobacco

    We have been an innovative partner to the tobacco industry for over 50 years. We are established worldwide as a system supplier of exhaust air purification and industrial odour reduction systems in the manufacturing of cigarettes. Our pneumatic transport systems, central vacuum cleaning systems and machine cleaning systems are designed to achieve our main goals: environmental protection, energy efficiency and increased yield in the tobacco industry. We continue to innovate in the primary and secondary sectors with effective and patented technologies.

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  • Food

    Cereals, oil or milk powder – food production is characterised by the variety of food products alone. Countless process steps including extrusion, drying, cooling or product packaging are completed for their production. As a result, dust or strong-smelling odour emissions are inevitably released into the environment and are subject to strict limits. We help our customers to comply with these emission limits by offering a wide range of products – from dust removal to industrial odour control systems.

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  • Pet food

    Pet food production involves numerous process steps – extrusion, drying, cooling, machine extraction or even wet food cooking. During the processing of wet and dry pet food, dusts and odorous substances are released into the exhaust air, which can pollute the environment. Riedel Filtertechnik offers a wide product portfolio with individual solutions for pet food production. We cover everything from dust extraction and dedusting of conveyors, extruders and dryers to the reduction of odour emissions.

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  • Compound feed

    In compound feed production, odour-intensive substances are often added for specific recipes. As a consequence, odour emissions are produced that can pollute the environment. Grinding fine, dry ingredients and pelleting also produces dust emissions, which can be controlled using our filter systems. Our COPLAS clean cold plasma technology for air cleaning reduces any odours sustainably without any chemicals or waste products.

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Tobacco // Russia

Industrial dust collection system for bulk material and dust handling at a cigarette factory


  • Dust collection system for centralised dust collection
  • Dust collection system facility for winnower
  • Dust collection system facility for activated charcoal dust


  • ATEX-compliant industrial dust collector facility for activated charcoal dust with constructive explosion protection
  • Use of rotary blowers for conveying distances up to 500 meters
  • Loading in C48 cartons with automatic vibration and weighing
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