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We increase your material and energy efficiency through automatic control of process air.


Process air control

The control of process air plays a major role in many areas of industry, due to the high potential for energy efficiency and process stabilization. Our PAC control unit (Process Airflow Control) can be adapted flexibly to any production type. The MAC (Maker Airflow Control) was developed specially for the tobacco industry, however. Both systems minimize fluctuations and turbulence in the extraction systems by reducing and homogenizing the necessary air volume or negative pressure. Settings can be adjusted automatically via hand flaps, to ensure optimal flap position. Our control units are available for volume flows from 180 to 7,000 m³/h.

Advantages of a PAC

  • Consistent process conditions
  • Yield improvement through lower reject rates
  • Feasibility of various production states
  • Notification of the current process status
  • Two possible operating modes to control negative pressure in the piping
  • Airflow control through step controlled flap
  • Reduction in energy consumption by up to 40% with the combination of integrated VSD on the dedusting fan
  • Simple operation and maintenance

Advantages of a MAC

  • Rod homogeneity
  • Higher material efficiency and tobacco yield
  • Reduction in waste, degradation, fine particles and dust
  • Lower reject rates on the manufacturing machine
  • Better cigarette firmness
  • Integrated control with user-friendly touch panel for visualization and parameterization with option to connect to existing SACU tobtronic® touch panel



Tobacco // worldwide

Airflow control on cigarette machines for rod making process

> 50 MAC and PAC units on three continents

  • Switzerland
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Luxembourg
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico


  • Constant process conditions
  • Rod homogeneity
  • Better firmness of cigarettes
  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of degradation, fine particles and dust
  • Higher material efficiency and tobacco yield
  • Lower reject rates

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