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Maximum flexibility between the Primary and Secondary with automatic monitoring of pipe connections.

Blend Selector & T-Switch

Material transport

Due to the various tobacco blends and the different cigarette and pack formats, it is necessary for the pneumatic transport of the cut tobacco from the Primary to the cigarette makers to be highly flexible. This is to ensure that the right tobacco blend is always transported to the cigarette maker. Our Blend Selector with the Connection Control System reliably ensures this and can be integrated into the MES via SPS and network interfaces.

Advantages for you

  • 100% flexibility
  • Use of FPC to reduce product degradation
  • Connection Control System for Blend Secure to release the pneumatic cut tobacco transport if correct
  • Can be integrated into the MES
  • Horizontal and vertical versions available

Advantages of T-Switch

  • High flexibility with two switch modes - manual and automatic
  • Use of FPC to reduce product degradation
  • Position control with proximity switches as an option
  • Rotatable parts sealed with tobacco proven material
  • Clean design without hidden pockets for tobacco accumulation
  • Easy and fast integration



Tobacco // Bulgaria

Distribution of tobacco blends in a cigarette factory

Blend Selector for 14 cigarette machines


  • For 20 incoming feeding pipes from the feeders in the tobacco preparation Primary
  • For 14 feeding pipes to the cigarette machines Secondary
  • 100% flexibility
  • Connection Control System

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